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* NAQAAE is the accrediting body for all Egyptian educational institutions (higher education, pre-university, and Al-Azhar education) (about 55,000).

* NAQAAE  was established in 2007 by a Presidential Decree. The Board is formed of a President,  three Vice- Presidents and eleven board members selected from educational experts, businessmen  and entrepreneurs.

* The main goal is to support Egyptian educational institutes by fostering their  quality assurance practices.



Vision and Mission


“ An internationally recognized accrediting body, known for its fair and objective decisions, its leadership in quality assurance and excellence at the national, regional and international levels , while maintaining its Egyptian identity”


"To assure the quality of Egyptian education institutions, continuous improvement and efficient performance, consistent with their mission statements and objectives, as well as ensuring public confidence through independent, impartial and transparent operations"

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A total of 49,640 edu ...
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